Bridgeway Farms


RC|A created a project Master Plan for Bridgeway Farms, a 200-acre site located along the Highway 80 corridor between the cities of Dixon & Davis. Bridgeway Farms will feature a retail farm stand to sell row and orchard crops, a processing facility to make cheese and ice cream, a winery, an agricultural education center for classes and special events, and on-site worker housing. It will also support vegetable gardens, a vineyard, dairy cows and goats used for milk production and a native plant demonstration area.

bridgeway master plan

Bridgeway Farms is uniquely positioned to attract visitors as they travel between the mountains and the coast. The Farm’s owner and developer, Rich Collins, a successful valley farmer, envisions Bridgeway as a destination location to learn about regional agriculture and food processing. The farm has an existing relationship with UC Davis to foster education and shared information.

Bridgeway Farms, Dixon CA, Planning Architect

Development Phase I will include the building of the farm stand barn and surrounding site improvements. The project will demonstrate the agricultural wealth of the central valley while providing a wonderful opportunity for shopping and picnics.